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Quantitative Methods
QMS 202
Clare Chua

192011 Dr.Chua OFFICE:TRS1H030 QMS202 EMAIL: qms102 TheSubjectfieldofeachemailshouldbecarefullycompleteQMS202. :sick. Itisrequestedthatemailsbesenttotheprofessoronlyifthequestion(s)being BUSINESSSTATISTICSII askedcannotwaittobeansweredinthenextscheduledlecture.Ortheanswers cannotbeffoundinthecourseoutline. OfficeHours: InferentialStatistics Byappointmentonly allowsyoutoestimateunknown populationcharacteristics,i.e.population meanorpopulationproportion MethodofEvaluation WhatarerequiredforQMS202? Component Percent Number of Date Crib sheet Weight 1. Requiredtextbook allowed 8.5x11inchcrib BusinessStatistics,ATwoHSemesterTextforBusiness sheet(twoH sided) Management,SeventhCustomEdition forRyerson Quiz #1 12% one Week 4 * University,CompiledbyDarrylSmithandClareChua Te st 20% one Week 8 * PrenticeHall,2010 onee 2.RequiiredCallcullattor Quiiz ##22 13%% Weekk 11 1 1** CASIOFXH9750GII Gro up 5% Week 1 0* Casio FXH9750Gplus isacceptable project TIH83calculatormaybeusedinthecourse.Howeverthe professorwillnotbesupportingitinclass.Youare (SPSS) Fin al Exam 50% three TBA responsibleforknowinghowtousetheTIH83functions. 3. StatisticalsoftwareH SPSS TO TAL 100% * Ple ase re fe r to ha ndoutfor the test da tes TOPICS SEQUENCE&SCHEDULE Week Topic Acti vi ti es & Assi gnm ents Statisticscanbe. 1 t2 St andard ized n orma lt er 6 Ans w er ques tio ns in ra ndom v ari ableHa nd out s a nd hando uts and Conf idenc e Int et ex t book.he t he t ex t book..9 o Descriptive _collectinganddescribingthedata 3 t4 Fundamentalo f Ha nd out s a nd Ans w er ques tio ns in Hypo thes is Tes t ing:e10 in the hando uts and H CollectDatae.g.sur On e-Samp le T est sex t book. t he t ex t book.h.10 of QMS102 H PresentDatae.g.TablesandGra H CharacterizeDat 5 t7 Tw o-Sam ple Tes tHa nd out s a nd Ans w er ques tio ns in an dd OW ayAANNOOVchhaptt er 1111 iihhanddou tt s andd t ex t book. t he t ex t book.h.11 of Inferential 8 t9 Chi- Squa r e TestHa nd out s a nd Ans w er ques tio ns in istheprocessofusingsampleresultstodrawconclusion t ex t book.the quest ion s in c h.12 of aboutthecharacteristicsofapopulation. t he t ex t book. Estimation isusedtoestimatepopulationparameters 10 t11 Sim ple L inea r Ha nd out s a nd Ans w er ques tio ns in QMS202 Enablesustoestimateunknownpopulationcharacteristicssuchasa Regr essi on t ex t book.the quest ion s in c h.13 of populationmeanorapopulationproportion t he t ex t book. HypothesisTesting 12 Multiple Res sionoCha pt er 14 hando uts .es tio ns in 13 Review 1 192011 WhatIwillbecoveringforthenext Chapter9 1weeks? ConfidenceIntervalEstimation Topicscovered: ConfidenceIntervalEstimationfortheMean(known) ConfidenceIntervalEstimationfortheMean(unknown) ConfidenceIntervalEstimationfortheProportion DeterminingSampleSize Confidence Interval Estimation Quantitative Data Qualitative Data Population Mean 2 Population Proportion - ESTIMATION X Normal andor nJ30? np J 5 and n(1-p) J 5? If no stop. If no stop. TWOtypesofestimatesusedto 8 known? 8 unknown? estimatepopulationparameters: Limits: p H zp(1 p) (1)Pointestimate(example:+x,p) p=xn n (2)Intervalestimate x H z s Limits: n Limits:x H t df=n-1 n PointestimateH MarginofError Two things you need to find: (1) Confidence Interval and (2) Sample size Estimations Whatisapointestimate? PointestimateH MarginError isavalueofasingle samplestatistics. Example:samplemeanx,isapoint ConfidenceIntervalEstimationfortheMean estimateofthepopulationmean,2 Sample sampleproportion,p,isapoint Sample x Hconfidence*standard error Population Estimators estimateofthepopulationproportion, Population Estimators Parameters -. Parameters x H *standard error sampling +x Whatisintervalestimate? sampling +x z,2 5 p isarangeofnumbersalledaninterval, 5 s 8 s consttrudaroudthepoiintt p x H z,2* estimate. n Theconfidence intervalisconstructed suchthattheprobabilitythe populationparameterislocated Pointestimate MarginError Inference known.erewithintheintervalis Inference 2
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