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Box and Whisker Diagram

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Quantitative Methods
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QMS 230
Douglas Mc Kessock

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QMS 102 Box and Whisker Diagram Required • Min, Max, Q1, Median, Q3 {Five Number Summary} • Two parallel lines, Real and Scale • The Scale extends from at or just below the smallest value to or just beyond the the highest value. It should have some equally spaced ticks. • Rectangular Box on the Real line from Q1 to Q3 • Short, dark vertical line through the Real line, indicating the Median. • Compute the lower and upper inner fences. Lower inner fence Q1-1.5*IQR Upper inner fence Q3+1.5*IQR • Draw the left and right whiskers Right Whisker -from Q3 up to the largest value less than or equal to the right inner fence. Left Whisker - extends from Q1 down to the smallest value greater than or equal to or Q1-1.5*IQR. • Compute the lower and upper outer fences. Lower outer fence Q1-3*IQR Upper outer fence Q3+3*IQR • On the Real line mark Suspect Outliers, individual values between inner and outer fences, with an B marker and Outliers, individual values beyond the outer fences an * symbol. Box and Whisker -------------------- * @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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