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RMG200: Introduction to Retail and Services Management Winter 2013 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Name: Dr. Ken Kwong-Kay Wong Office Telephone Number: (416) 979-5000, ext. 4579 Office Location: TRS3-032 Consultation Hours: Tuesday 3-4pm E-mail Address: [email protected] Course Website: (Blackboard) COURSE INFORMATION Pre-requisites: None, Anti-requisites: None Posting of Grades and Feedback on Work: Grades on assignments and tests will be posted on the Blackboard site for the course. All assignments submitted for grading will be handed back within three weeks, except for the final assignment, which will be available for pick-up after official final grades are available. E-mail Communication: Students must use the e-mail address listed above to communicate with the instructor. E-mails sent Monday to Friday will be answered within 24 hours. Students are required to activate and maintain a Ryerson Matrix e-mail account. This shall be the official means by which you will receive university communications. Faculty will not respond to student enquiries from any other e-mail address. See Pol#157 found at for further information on this issue. CALENDAR COURSE DESCRIPTION Retailing is one of the most fascinating, challenging and multi-faceted environments business students will be exposed to. The objective of the course is to provide both an understanding of the key retail strategy components as well as change the student focus from a consumer to a business manager. This will be accomplished through examining the many key functional areas within a retail business including location and market strategy, store design and layout, Page 1 merchandise planning, human resources, financial strategy and customer relationships. The understanding of these functional areas will illustrate how retailers can adapt to the competitive and continually changing environment by formulating strategies, which result in profitable performance. An introduction to retail profit drivers will be a key element of the course. COURSE OVERVIEW Learning Goals Learning Objectives Assurances of Learning Performance to be Assessment (s) that General Learning Goals demonstrated in specific terms correspond to the learning objective. Communications Students will participate Assignments and ▪ Expresses ideas (orally and in effectively in class discussions final project writing) effectively and accurately verbally. including the use of the range of media that are widely used in business Students will submit appropriate environments. written responses to questions related to retailing cases. Ethical understanding and reasoning Students will discuss the ethical Assignments, mid- ▪ Recognize and analyse ethical dilemmas faced by specific term exam, and problems in order to choose and defend companies in class discussions final project appropriate resolutions. Critical thinking Students will reflect on their Assignments, and ▪ Synthesize, analyse and interpret a assumptions and the evidence final project range of information for the purposes presented through class of making sound and ethical business discussions and assignments. decisions. Group and individual dynamics Students will work in groups on Assignments ▪ Demonstrate effective self- the hand-in assignments and management and perform effectively during in-class application within heterogeneous teams. exercises. Management Specific Goals Performance to be Assessment(s) that demonstrated in specific terms correspond to the learning objective Retail store operation Students will learn about the best Assignments and ▪ Understand how to operate a retail retail practices through case final project business studies and class discussions Functional areas within the retail Students will explore the Assignments and environment opportunities and challenges final project ▪ Explore the importance of various faced by managers in various functional areas of a retail business functional areas Retail mathematics Students will carry out basic Assignments and ▪ Understand the financial implications mathematical calculations final project Page 2 of retail strategy commonly used in a retail environment People management Students will learn about humanAssignment and ▪ Acquire the knowledge and skillset tresources topics applicable to the final project become a productive member of a retail retail environment team EVALUATION The grade for this course is composed of the sum of the points received for each of the following components: Type of Assessment Group/Individual Percent/Weight Due Date (end of week, Sunday night) IndividualAssignment Individual 10% Week 5 Mid-term exam Individual 20% Week 7 Final Project Individual 30% Week 12 Final Exam Individual 30% Exam period Class Participation Individual 10% Throughout the term TOTAL 100% DESCRIPTION OF ASSESSMENTS (A) Individual Assignment (10%) Students will write a paper to explore the Canadian retail environment. This paper serves to stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity in retailing, and provides an opportunity for students to reflect their understanding of academic concepts and frameworks as presented in the first few weeks of this course. This is an individual piece of work, and the paper should be uploaded directly to Blackboard. The line-spacing should be 1.5 spaced, font size 12, with 1 inch margin for the paper. Details to be announced in class by the professor. (B) Mid-term exam (20%) There will be a paper-based mid-term test conducted in class during week 7. Students are not allowed to make use of any electronic devices (e.g., computer, iPad/tablet, mobile phone, MP3 Players) to complete their test in class. However, a 1-page double sized paper cheat sheet is allowed. There will be no make up mid-term exam in case of absence due to legitimate reasons, and marks will simply be reallocated proportionally from student’s final examination Page 3 performance. Details such as exam content and format to be announced in class by the professor. (C) Final Project (30%) Throughout this course, each student will be engaged in conducting research activities on a particular Canadian retailer. This project gives an opportunity for student to gain a better understanding of the Canadian retailing environment in general, and learn about the opportunities and challenges encountered by that particular retailer. The outcome of this project is a paper that has to be uploaded to Blackboard. The line-spacing should be 1.5 spaced, font size 12, with 1 inch margin for the paper. Details to be announced in class by the professor. (D) Final Exam (30%) All students are required to write their final examination during the school’s examination period. This exam will cover all of the materials that have been covered in the course. Details to be announced in class by the professor. (E) Class Participation (10%) Class attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to contribute meaningfully to discussion in class. All assignments are dues by midnight (11:59pm EST) on Sunday at the end of the Week in which it is due. No late assignment will be accepted. TEACHING METHODS This course will incorporate the following teaching learning/ methods: lectures, cases, problem- based learning, final projects, and in-class debates. This is an interactive course, so students are expected to come to class having read the assigned chapter readings and prepared to participate. Please bring your tent cards every week. TEXTS AND READING LISTS Required textbook: Levy, Weitz, Beattie and Watson, (2011) Retailing Management, Third Canadian Edition, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, ISBN-10: 0-07-007337-6; ISBN-13: 978-0-07-007337-1 (Note: The above title has ebook edition ($70) at CourseSmart: barton-b
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