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Chapter 13 Managing Store Employees 1. Recruit and select employees 2. Socialize and train new employees 3. Motivate and manage employees to achieve store performance goals 4. Evaluate employee performance and provide feedback 5. Compensate and reward employees Responsibilities of Store Managers 1. Managing store employees 2. Controlling costs 3. Managing merchandise 4. Providing customer service Special HR Considerations Facing Retailers - Need to use part-time employees. - Emphasis on expense control. - Changing employee demographics of the workplace. Advantages of Centralized Decision-Making - Retailers can reduce overhead, i.e. fewer managers. - Coordinating efforts, it can achieve lower prices from suppliers. - Opportunity to have the best people making decisions. - Increases efficiency through standardization. Motivating Retail Employees - Policies and supervision   -Mart - Incentives   - Organization Culture   Regulations In Canada, all employers and all employees must comply with the Employment Standards Act • Equal Employment Opportunity • Compensation • Labour Relations • Employee Safety and Health (Ministry of Labour, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board –WSIB) • Sexual Harassment • Employee Privacy • Smaller retailers: – # number of employees is limited, small retailers have little specialization. – Each employee must perform a wide range of activities – If sales increase, owner hires management employees (e.g., store manager). • Large retail chains: – Managers may supervise people that are geographically distant from each other – VPs responsible for specific merchandise, store, and administrative tas
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