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Retail Management
RMG 200
Ken Wong

Why cities are important/major characteristics 3 themes: sustainability, unevenness, uncertainty (globalization has made this more important/not new) 6 properties to understand the city (characterise all cities, all across the world in any time frame, always present) – production, reproduction, proximity, place, governance 3 time periods of Toronto Up to 1945 (inner city development) 1945-1975 (period of metropolitan development) 1975-present (period of suburban domination) There is a rich history well before the development of the city. During the last ice age (20, 000 bce to 15, 000bce) north America had zero human being (duh). When the ice started retreating to the poles, since 10,000 years ago, there were people already present in Toronto area. Aboriginals were very peaceful and successful until earopeans arrives in the 1500s. They stopped in the maritimes and gradually settled in quebec city and montreal (the French). Gradually the French started to penetrate into the interior of Canada. Because a) curiosity and b) to pursue/expand the fur trade business. Finally arrived in Toronto, and established a military fort: fort rouille (1720). In europe at the time, british vs french were fighting. On 1756, there was a battle and in three years were able to conquer present day Toronto. Fort rouille now belonged to the English. (you do not have a claim to the land, until you settle permanently- mentality of back then) The English quickly settled on fort rouille to take it over. The beaurocrat chosen to create the settlement was John Graves Simcoe. Simcoe came from great Britain with his wife. Elizabeth was happy about Canada, Simcoe hated it. First settled in Niagara falls area, then moved to Toronto because they thought it was a good defensive position and port. Simcoe hated the name Toronto because it was aboriginal, so he changed it to York in 1793. This name York will rema
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