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Consumer Behaviour / Targeting

Retail Management
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RMG 200
Brent Barr

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Week 3
Customer Changes:
Seeking Value
Pressed For Time
Wired and Wireless
Trading Up
Seeking Status
Seeking Experiences
Segmentations Variables: Graphic (Geo, Demo, Psycho), Behavioural
Geographic: Location
Demographic: Looks(Income, Density, Age, Lifestyle, Sex, Race, Occupation)
Men show little or no interest in shopping.
Dont pay attention at register
Women (52% of population (Buying Power)
Make 81% of purchases
Look for Quality
Tweens spend $2.9 million annually
Kidfluance = $20 Billion parents spend on them
Psychographic: How one thinks
Factorsinfluencing Buying Decision Process: Beliefs, Values, Attitudes, Family, Reference
Group, Culture
Situational Factors affecting buying behaviour: Purchase, Shopping, Temporal
Purcahse: Depending on why you buy it can influence how and what you buy
Shopping: Store Atmosphere, Sales People, Crowding, Demonstrations, Promotions,
Temporal: Mindset
Buyer-Decision Process:
Need Recognition
Information Search
Evaluation of Alternatives
Purchase Decision
Postpurchase Behaviour
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