Merchandise/Design Management

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17 May 2011
Week 4
Store Environment: Scent, Color, Lighting, Music, Visual Communications // Build a Story
Visual Impact: 3 seconds to determine Name, Line of Trade, Claim to Fame, Price Position,
Signage/Displays: Viewable from a distance
Good store Design
Should be consistent with image and strategy
Positively influence the customer behaviour
Consider Costs VS Value
Should meet needs of disabled
More customers turn right into a store
POS at exit can encourage impulse purchases
Fixtures at a 45degree angles encourage customers to move along a fixed path
3 Basic store layouts:
Grid Easy to locate merch, no exploration encouragement, allows more merch displays,
cost efficient
Racetrack loop, used in department stores
Free Form Free form (boutique) inefficient use of space, more shoplifting used in
upscale department stores
Display Areas:
Feature Areas:
End Caps
Promotional Aisle of Area
Freestanding fixtures and mannequins
Point of Sale Areas POS
Prime locations for merch:
Highly trafficked areas: Entrance, Near Checkout
Highly visable areas: End aisle, Displays
Types of Displays: Gondolas, Straight Rack, Rounder, Four-Way
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