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RMG 300 Lecture Notes - Management Information System, Multichoice, Workflow

Retail Management
Course Code
RMG 300
Norman Shaw

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Midterm: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 (Multi-choice & Short Answers)
Value Chain: Input > Processes > Output
Inbound Logistics > Operations > Outbound Logistics > Marketing & Sales >
Primary Activity: Focus on creating business value (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing)
Support Activity: Supports the Primary Activities (Administration, IT, HR, Finance)
Functional IS:
Accounting IS Dedicated to tracking and reporting a firms financial health
Marketing IS Supports marketing research and decision making
Workflow Management Systems (WMS):
Order Placement > Validation > Inventory Check / Customer Credit Check > Payment Processing >
Order Fulfillment
Transaction Processing Systems (TPS):
Entry point of data
Validation of data
Business Rules
Error Handling
Transaction Properties:
Atomicity Must be completed otherwise rejected
Consistency All treated the same (Stored, Archived, Data is not changed)
Isolation Independent
Management Information Systems (MIS):
Process transactions
Business rules
Creates Information
Reports (Periodic, Exception, Demand)
Document Management Systems Tracks, Routes, Processes, Imaging (Supports WMS)
Knowledge Management:
Explicit Knowledge (Documented, Codified, Stored)
Tacit Knowledge (Undocumented, Internal, Learned, Experienced)
Decision Support Systems (DSS):
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