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RMG 300 Lecture Notes - E-Book, Rote Learning

Retail Management
Course Code
RMG 300
Norman Shaw

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Different roles for IT
IT is the Product (e-book)
Marketing of the product (Internet)
External Process (Supply Chain)
Internal Process (Point of Sale)
Gap between IT and Business
IT Knows what technology can do
Business Knows what the business needs
Communication and Understanding
Strategic Alignment
Skills Required
Technology experts who understand the business and Business experts who
understand the technology
What is IT
Hardware + Software + Connectivity = Enabler of Business Goals
What is a System
An organized collection of one or more processes to turn inputs into outputs to
achieve a goal
What is IS
An organized collection of one or more processes and IT to turn inputs into outputs
to achieve a goal
Business Value - A Positive return on the investment of resources that is created through
the effective and efficient integration of an organizations people, information, IT, and
business processes
Data Raw, Unorganized facts
Information Processed/organized/transformed data that may be useful to a person
Knowledge Action based on information plus human experience and judgment
Learning versus Understanding
Data Rote learning of facts
Information Understanding, Relating data to real life solutions
Knowledge Analyzing & synthesizing, Applying information to a new situation
Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
Capture and process transactions to make them available to the organization
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