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RMG 300 Lecture Notes - E-Commerce, Transaction Processing, Infomediary

Retail Management
Course Code
RMG 300
Norman Shaw

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E-Commerce: What do they have in common?
Use of IT
Transaction processing
Exchange of information
Between different entities
Business Models:
Brokerage Brokers being buyers and sellers together for a fee
Advertising An extension of the traditional media broadcasting model where ads
appear on websites
Merchant Sells products, both physical and electronic, to customers
Manufacturer Direct Makes and Sells products directly to consumer
Affiliate Affiliate websites are paid a fee when purchases come through them
Community Based on user loyalty because of high investment of time and emotion
Subscription Users are charged fees to subscribe to service or information source
Infomediary Provides data on consumers and consumption habits
Co-operative Enables competitors to co-operate on a website
Website fundamentals:
Easy to find
Website types:
Search Engine
Browse or Search and Buy
Sales support
Information Services
Special interest of Service
E-Commerce Advantages:
Speed Transactions processed immediately
Availability 24/7
Brand Additional ways of engaging customers
Reach - Global
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