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Retail Management
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RMG 302
Donna Smith

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Consumer Behaviour Study of processes involved when individuals or groups select,
purchase, use or dispose of products, service, ideas or experiences.
Actors: Purchaser, User, Influencer
Relationship Marketing Interacting with the customers on a regular basis
Database Marketing Tracking buying habits
Consumer Generated Content Blogs, Videos, Facebook/Myspace Statuses
Relationships between Consumers and Products:
Self-concept attachment: Establish users identity
Nostalgic attachment: Serves as link to past self
Interdependence: Part of users daily routine
Love: Products elicits emotional bonds of warmth, passion, or other strong emotions
U-Commerce Wearable computers, customized adverts
Business ethics Rules that conduct the right or wrongs in a marketplace. These include:
Honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, respect, justice, integrity, concern for others,
accountability, and loyalty
Social marketing Encourages positive behaviours
Consumer Addiction Dependency on Products or Services
Compulsive Consumption Repetitive shopping
The stages of the consumer consumption process are: Prepurchase issues, Purchase issues,
postpurchase issues
The dominant set of assumptions controlling the study of consumer behaviour is known as