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Retail Management
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RMG 302
Donna Smith

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Colors influence emotions. Red = Arousal / Appetite, Blue = Relaxing
Blue backdropped ads are preferred over red
Psychophysics Science that focuses on how the physical environment is integrated into our
person world
Absolute Threshold Minimum amount of stimulation that can be detected on a given
sensory channel
Differential threshold Ability of a sensory system to detect changed in a stimulus or
difference between stimuli
JND (Just Noticeable Difference) Minimum change in a stimulus that can be detected
Webers Law- The stronger the initial stimulus, the greater the change must be for it to be
Contrast: Size, Color, Position, Novelty
Positioning: Price leadership, Attributes, Product Class. Occasions, Users, Quality
Perception is a three-staged process that translates raw stimuli into meaning
In western culture, black is associated with power
Kansei Engineering is a Japanese Philosophy that translates customers’ feelings
into design elements
Tiny figures inserted into magazine adverts by using high speed photography or
airbrushing are known as embeds
Perceptual Vigilance Customers are more likely to be aware of stimuli that relate
to their current needs
Interpretation The meaning we assign to sensory stimuli
Multitasking The ability to process info from more than one source at a time
Gestalt Psychology A school of thought that maintains that people derive meaning
from the totality of a set of stimuli rather that from individual stimuli
Sensation doesnt refer to the response over time of our sensory receptors to basic
Perceptual Process Exposure, Attention, Interpretation
Colors look duller to older people
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