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Donna Smith

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Self-Concept Beliefs a person holds about their attributes and how they evaluate these
Self-Esteem Positivity of the attitude towards yourself
Impression Management Working hard to manage what others think of us
Symbolic Interactionism Other people play a large part in forming the self
Looking Glass Self Imagining the reactions of others towards us
Symbolic self-completion theory People who have an incomplete self-definition tend to
complete this identity by acquiring and displaying symbols associated with it.
Self-image congruence models Products will be chosen when their attributes match
some aspect of the self.
Extended Self Items that are part of oneself
1. Individual Level Personal possessions
2.Family Level House & Furnishings
3.Community Level
4.Group Level Social Groups
Agentic Goals Self-assertion and mastery
Communal Goals Affiliation and fostering harmonious relations
Androgyny Possession of both masculine and feminine traits
Sexual Dimorphic Markers Aspect of the body that distinguish the sexes from one
Sex-typed Traits Characteristics we stereotypically associate with one gender or the
Body Cathexis Individuals feelings about his/her body
Collective Self Concept of deriving ones identity in large part from a social group
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