Consumer Behaviour

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17 May 2011
Consumer Behaviour The study of the processes when individuals or groups select,
purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and
Consumers A person who identifies a need or desire, makes a purchase, and ultimately
disposes of the product (Product VS User VS Influencer)
Consumers Impact on Marketing
Decisions are influenced by people around you
Consumption communities via the internet allow idea sharing and recommendations
for consumption
Various subcultures share certain values
Brands have defined images that resonate with consumers and result in brand
Various groups influence consumer choices by individuals and organizational buyers
Impact of Marketing Strategy
Understanding consumer behaviour is good business
Understanding people/organizations to satisfy consumers’ needs
Knowledge and date about customers: Help define the market & Identify
threats/opportunities in relation to a brand
Segmenting Consumers
Demographics Statistics that measure observable aspects of a population
Brand Relationships
Self-concept attachment
Nostalgic attachment
Virtual Customers
Impact of the web on consumer behavior
24/7 shopping without leaving home
Marketing Ethics and Public Policy
Business Ethics Conducting business honestly & ethically
Knowing right from wrong
Various cultures conduct in different ways
Are Advertising and Marketing Necessary?
Critics suggest we buy things we dont need, just because we can
We can click a button instantly ordering any product
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