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17 May 2011
Characteristics of Services Compared to Goods:
Intangibility Cant touch
oServices cant be inventoried
oServices cant be easily patented
oServices cant be readily displayed or communicated
oPricing is difficult
Heterogeneity Diverse (everything is different)
oService delivery and customer satisfaction depends on the employee and
customer actions
oService quality depends on many uncontrollable factors
oThere is no sure knowledge that the service delivered matched what was
planned and promoted
Simultaneous Production and Consumption
oCustomers participate in and affect the transaction
oCustomers affect each other
oEmployees affect the service outcome
oDecentralization may be essential
oMass production is difficult
oIt is difficult to synchronize supply and demand with service
oServices cannot be returned or resold
Service Quality:
More difficult for consumers to evaluate
A comparison between expectations and performance
An evaluation of outcomes & processes
The Nordic Model:
Technical Quality What?
Functional Quality How?Perceived ServicePerceived Service Quality
Expected Service
Perceived Service
Perceived Service Quality
Expected Service
The three-component Model:Service Quality
Service ProductService DeliveryService Environment
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