Service Concept

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17 May 2011
Service Concept Customer and Providers expectations of what a service should be and the
customer needs it fulfills. It provides a foundation for developing he what, marketing
content, and how, operations content, of a service as well as for facilitating alignment
between the strategic intent of the firm and the delivery itself.
Multi-dimensional service concept shows us that numerous derivatives of the same core
service can be developed and marketed to a variety of target segments.
The Service Concept is what is delivered to the customer and how it is, touching on:
1. Service operation: the way in which the service is delivered;
2. Service experience: the customers direct experience of the service;
3. Service outcome: the benefits and results of the service for the customer and
4. Value of the service: the benefits the customer perceives as inherent in the service
weighed against the cost of the service.
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