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Lecture 1

RMG 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Canada Day, Wrongful Dismissal, Canada Labour Code

Retail Management
Course Code
RMG 303
David Lewis

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Week 1: Intro to Retail and Services Management
Technology has Recently Revolutionized Retail
Order from home
Pay without cash
Products delivered to your door
Relevance of retail stores now in question
Omni Channel and Digital Retailing
Detail Retailing
o Online sales in the US during Q4 2017 expected to be 14% to 14.5%
o In the UK, 17.5% to 18%
o Higher in non-food categories (e.g. apparel, electrics)
Legally Speaking:
Employment Responsibilities
Good faith & fidelity
Work & remuneration
Duty to obey
Notice of termination
Perform work competently
A safe worksite
Provide resignation notice
Liable for employees’ actions
1. What is the minimum wage in Ontario?
General - $14
2. Can you be fired for taking a sick day?
No as long as you are taking a personal emergency leave day
3. Can you take an employer to court for wrongful dismissal instead of filing a claim with the
Ministry of Labour?
Yes, but then you forfeit the right to file a claim with the ministry one or the other
4. Who can you call if you believe your employer if not following the standard?
Employment standards information Centre
5. How is straight commission calculated?
The total amount of the pay period (the commission) when divided by the number of hours must be at
least as much as the minimum wage. If you work 25 hours and you make $150 you are owed $106.25 on
top of your commission in order to make your pay equal to 25 hours at minimum wage
6. What holidays do employees get based on the Ontario Employment Standards Act?
New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day,
Christmas Day and Boxing Day
7. How much vacation time are you entitled to, based on the ESA?
2 weeks in a 12-month period
Provincial Employment Legislation
Similar to federal legislation
Provides certain rights and guarantees
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