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Ryerson University
Social Sciences and Humanities
SSH 105
David Hunter

SSH 105 Critical Thinking - Practice Test CHAPTER ONE 1. What makes critical thinking reasonable/reflective? 2. Does critical thinking have to be "critical" in the sense of being negative/skeptical? Give an example. 3. Why is it good to think critically? 4. What are some obstacles to thinking critically? 5. What is the difference between realism and relativism? 6. What are some mistakes to avoid in critical thinking? 7. What are the three types of reasoning? 8. What is the difference between acceptable and sufficient reasons? 9. What is undermined and overridden? 10. Why is realism the default attitude to take in a subject area? CHAPTER TWO 1. What is the difference between a disjunction on a conjunction? 2. What is asserted in the following? a.) The restaurant was pretty disappointing: the fish was overcooked, the sauces were boring and the service was terrible. b.) Either the cook is angry o
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