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Class 12 Participatory Action Research

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Social Sciences and Humanities
SSH 301
Tonya Davidson

SSH Class 12 Assignment: Research Question Methods: discussion of sample, sampling frame (description of population from which one will derive their sample, list their criteria ie) interested in queer youth Toronto sample: must identify as queer, must attend a school and must be between 18-25) Sample frame: the medium you will be researching Discuss what you will be studying coding scheme: what did you code for? Analyze data Participatory Action Research Matching: • Closed questions are pre-coded • Stem and response • Acquiescence are detected with the use of multi-item questions • Leading questions have an embedded bias • Social desriability bias is a form of reactivity • Telephone interviews are cheaper to administer • Intra-interviewer variabilty is part of social desirability bias It is collaborative in nature and really distinct from other research methods because research does not develop research question; it is developed by the community that is being researched. It is really interested in action and ends with some form of activism or policy change PAR research: end game is concrete localized and specific results ie) building a school, changing the way that daycare is provided. Serves to challenge or decenter the role of the professional researcher; inherently critical of eliticism of academia; there is always an aim to challenge power relations. It encourages participants to understand their knowledge producing abilities; do not need to have gone to university to produce some sort of knowledge - It is heavily influenced by conflict theory and Marxism • Marx invested his time in the relation between theory and praxis: theoretically informed action. His theorizing was clearly linked to a form of action. • Interprevisitism: we can best understand purpose of research how people make sense of their worlds by getting people to ask the questions we can understand what the problems and interests are of people • Feminist and critical race
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