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Ron Babin

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-ramps in public and educational buildings -this is all in the last 25 years Alternative medicine: -1995, 15% of Canadians used this source -most widely used is chiropractic, ~ 1 in 10 Canadians -doesn’t use drugs and give your exercises -despite growing popularity, many doctors have been hostile to it (quacks=someone who is not qualified, unscientific) -in 2003, ~20% -chiropractic medicine, make more than physicians -OHIP pays for part of chiropractic care -people of higher education are more likely to seek out alternate health care regimens Holistic medicine: -emphasizes disease prevention -research shows that the positive frame of mind is usually associated w/ better health -mind body connection -deemphasized by traditional medicine -relies on drugs and high-tech machines -the placebo effectif you believe you are going to get better, than this does influence your progress towards getting better -alternate forms of medicine include traditional Indian (Ayurvedic)
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