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SOC 103 Lecture Notes - Slow Food, Food Desert, Food Miles

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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

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Micro and Macro Social interaction& sociology of the enviorment
Video: Queen bees and Wanna bees
Who/what is being blames:
o Media is blamed
There isn’t only girl cliques and meanness, there is the same for boys.. its just
the way it is shown..
A crowd is an unorganized large croup of people who are their temporarly
for acommon move
Rtpe of crowds:
o Casual crowd --- refer to people who are the same place at the same
time, no particular leadersip, common mood
o Convential crowdcrowd to partake in a social event, a hockey game,
a wedding a funeral
o Experssive crowd, marked by a shared emotional movementflash
mobsmobscould be a pride parade
o Protest crowdg20 movements etc
Social good:
o Anything that has social value food, water, oil .. can refer to in material
things like peace and equality
o Social movement distinct from
Social trned: can be an effect of a social movemement .. ex.
Voluntary association: Girl guides
Political Party:
Tyoes of social movements:
o Level of change
o Direction of change
o Speed of change
o Target of change
o Can be local.. movement to improve a certain school boards lunches …
or really big like world wild life fund
o Classfied by speed of change… for ex. if they are working to get rid of a
o Target of changemadd mothers against drunk drivers
Tactics: 1.) Civil disobedience
o Naarowly understood, the refusal by all or part of a community to pay
taces…. Etc
o Helping illegal immigrants
o Not sending your kids to school
Direct action refer to slides
o Guerilla Gardening ex
Culture jamming
o Turn something against it self
o Occupy wall street
Cause marketing
o Pinkwashing
o Green washing
o Companies say that their product is green or they support a green
o Pinkwashing supports breast cancer
o Lack of transparency
o Socially environmentally cautions good citizens .. drives customer in…
makes customers feel that they are helping out
Sociology of the Enviorment
Enviormental racism refers to the unequal distribution of enviormental
disruption to socio- economic status, location
o Chipawan first nations example… un explained cancers, fish with
tumurs etc
The politics of food: the local food movement
o Locavores
o Slow food movement
o Food miles
Distance from farm to plate
Between 1500-2000 miles within north America for produce
Urban food deserts
o Downtown urband neighborhoods lacking supermarkets
o An effect of suburbanization and the growth of chain mega super
o Health and ecological consequences
Bottled Water
Globalizationmarket demand,
Public vs private property
Ienviormental racismirony of being good for u , green etc et c