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Ryerson University
SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

Micro and Macro Social interaction& sociology of the enviorment Video: Queen bees and Wanna bees  Who/what is being blames: o Media is blamed  There isn’t only girl cliques and meanness, there is the same for boys.. its just the way it is shown.. Crowds:  A crowd is an unorganized large croup of people who are their temporarly for acommon move  Rtpe of crowds: o Casual crowd --- refer to people who are the same place at the same time, no particular leadersip, common mood o Convential crowd—crowd to partake in a social event, a hockey game, a wedding a funeral o Experssive crowd, marked by a shared emotional movement—flash mobs—mobs—could be a pride parade o Protest crowd—g20 movements etc  Social good: o Anything that has social value food, water, oil .. can refer to in material things like peace and equality o Social movement distinct from  Social trned: can be an effect of a social movemement .. ex. flashmobs  Voluntary association: Girl guides  Political Party:  Tyoes of social movements: o Level of change o Direction of change o Speed of change o Target of change o Can be local.. movement to improve a certain school boards lunches … or really big like world wild life fund o Classfied by speed of change… for ex. if they are working to get rid of a dictator – o Target of ch
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