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Crime & Deviance

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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

Chapter 5 Deviance Crime and RegulationModule 51 CrimeDeviance Criminology scientific approach to the study of crime causation crime prevention and the punishment and rehabilitation of offenders o Interest to criminologists development of criminal law and its use in defining crime the causes of breaking the law and the methods implemented by a society to control criminal behavior Social law how law and the justice systems are socially constructedRule of law ensures that laws are created administered and enforced on the basis of acceptable procedures promoting fairness and equality Crime behaviors and actions requiring social control and social intervention codified in law Deviance actions beliefs conditions and characteristics that violate social norms and that may or may not be against the law Social deviance any acts that involve the violation of social normsMoral entrepreneurs people who influence or change the development or enforcement of societys moral codes Politicians governments scientists religious institutions mediaForms of social control o Social control the methods used by the society to discourage deviant behavior and encourage conformity to social normso Informal social control controls that occur from interactions amongst individuals and includes the ways which we try to communicate and enforce standards of appropriate behavioro Formal social control control that is exerted by the state through the social workers and psychiatristsModule 52 Explaining crime and deviance Theoretical PerspectivesPositivism the application of the scientific method to the social world Biological determinism the hypothesis that biological factors completely determine a persons behavior o Cesare Lombroso did postmortem on notorious criminals and found that they shared the same skeletal structureSociological approach to crime o Functionalism by Emile DurkheimAnomie state in which norms are confused unclear or not presentStrain theory the assertion that people experience strain when culturally defined goals cant be met through socially approved meansGoal in society is to get a high paying jobHigh paying job requires education
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