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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

Defining genders sex refers to the biological apparatus, the male and the female rooted in biology our physical selves bodies are male or female or intersexed gender masculinity and femininity the sociology constructed characteristics associated with the sexes associated with social predominant gender story (dominant ideology about gender) -4 steps bodies are born in 2 types: male and female challenge: intersected (mixture of male and female ) bodies are gendered masculine and feminine challenge: transgendered bodies are attracted to opposite type bodies challenge: gay people reproduction of bodies and gender is produced/reproducced through borderwork baby showers gay bashing government policies reading children stories -prince and princesses valentines chickflicks etc dichotomous thinking/binary construction based on binaries:black/white, male/female, homo/hetero not equal -binaries the binaries are not stable…they require borderwork (social sanctions that ensure that these gender ideals seem natural, universal and timeless) border work -the Male: are rational physically strong gain wisdom with age are independent are independent "report talk" Women: are emotional physically weak lose sex appeal (and therefore value) with age dependent on men (for power, validation) rapport talk hemegmonic masculinity white, old, obviously heterosexual, in control, independent, rich race, class, ability Masculinity studies Connell (1995/2011, pg356) qualitatively different types (of masculinity) produced with the same social setting types of masculinity for a hierarchy differences not a matter of FREE CHOICE differences created by race, ethnicity, class, age sexual orientation Emphasized femininity complies with their own subordination to men ex. cheerleader, generally and socially, be nurturing supportiveness, sexual attractiveness, not on the cover of forbes objectified Infantilizing Women innocent, want sex, some objectify themselves focus on: women and reality tv by: jennifer pozner catty & manipulative stupid incompetent gold diggers -women are economically dependent Patriarchal dividend the advantage of men as a group from maintaining an equal gender order Sociology of sexualities sexuel orientation sex acts commodification of sex sexual politics [hetero]sex phallocentrism -our understanding of heterosexuality is phallocentric pleasure for males -from a males perspective virginity metaphors for genitalia
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