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SOC 103 Ch.9 - Crime and Deviance

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SOC 103
Terry Roswell

SOC 103 Ch9Crime and Deviance 1 Crime affects us all in various degrees 2 By learning about crime we can simultaneously learn a great deal about our society 3 If the goal is to reduce crime we need to understand it Crime vs Deviance Deviant behaviour Behaviour that departs from social norms and that is subject to social controlIncluded in broad definition of deviant acts are behaviours ranging from violent crime to joining particular groupsNot all crimes are deviant or unusual acts not all deviant acts are illegal or criminal Who says what is normalDeviance is behaviour that is different from the norm then who defines what is normalSocietal norms define what is proper and not proper behaviourNorms are established through tradition culture customsNorms may be created when everyone agrees to avoid particular behaviours Deviance varies between societiesSome behaviour is universally accepts
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