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SOC 103 Ch.20 - Education

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Ryerson University
SOC 103
Terry Roswell

SOC 103 Ch20Education Education social institution through which society provides its members with important knowledge basic facts job skills norms and values Schooling on Global ScaleIndia has become middleincome country but only earn 6 percent of US income Kids usually work and attend school up to primary school Patriarchy rule females mainly work in factories and males are more financially beneficialJapan Educational system is praised in Japan Both male and females are equal in terms of education Entrance examinations taking very seriously with math and science being predominant fieldsBritain In the middle ages it was a privilege now you must attend school until age 16 For students who score the highest government pays for most of the costCanada Educational development began with the 3 Rs reading writing and religionFunctional illiteracy is a lack of the reading and writing skilled needed for daily lifeStructuralFunctional of SchoolingSocialization as societies gain more complex technology they need trained teachers to develop the specialization A Canadian classroom discourages competitiveness because of potential damaging effects on the selfesteem for those who cannot competeCultural innovation colleges and universities develop cultures and pass it on to students Marshall McLuhan foresaw radical cultural tr
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