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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

Chapter 8 - Hegemonic masculinity refers to society’s ideal image for men (Example would be “the most interesting man in the world”) - Emphasized femininity refers to society’s ideal image for women - Functionalism refers to where functionalists divide up society into interrelated parts where each part serves a specific function to help maintain equilibrium in the whole. - Dichotomous Thinking: is based on binaries such as race, gender, and sexuality (homo/hetero) - Men: o are rational o independent o physically strong o gain wisdom with age - Women: o are emotional o dependant o physically weak o lose sex appeal with age (also value) - Our understandings of heterosexuality are phallocentric (based on male pleasure) - Males tend to name their penises - The sexual double standard: refers to when one who has had many sexual relations experience gendered consequences; men are heralded as “studs” whereas women are marked as “sluts” - Heterosexism: refers to the belief in the inherent superiority of one pattern of loving and thereby its right to dominance
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