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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

Chapter 9 - A minority is a group of people that are socially disadvantaged. There are two components to them. One is that they have a lack of power (in comparison to the majority); the second is that they can be distinguished from the majority. An example of something that distinguishes a minority group can be one’s ethnicity. - Prejudice is a prejudgement; it’s when you judge someone before you’ve even met them. It’s irrational, long lasting and not based on fact. - Race is a group of people who were physically and genetically distinguished from other groups - Racialization is the process of attributing complex characteristics (athletic abilities, intelligence, etc.) to certain races - Judging someone based on their minority group’s attributes is a mistake known as ecological fallacy. (Example would be assuming an Asian man/woman is smart in Math just because their ethnic group is known to excel in Math). - Judging a group based on someone’s attributes is a mistake known as exception fallacy. (Example would be assuming all Asians are smart in Math just because one Asian man/woman excels in Math). - Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another - Discrimination is the act of denying advantages to members of a particular group - Racialized people have an invisible heavy backpack - Macintosh – White privileges is like an invisible back pack - Dichotomous thinking: o Unequal power relations o Unstable o Requi
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