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SOC 103
Chris Gibbs

Stereotyping Love Nowadays, love has been stereotyped in a huge manner. There are three main ways in which love is stereotyped through the media. Firstly, they show that when you fall in love, it becomes your number one priority. Secondly, that love strictly consists of a male and a female and lastly, the roles that the male and female must play. The first example of love being stereotyped is that love becomes your number one priority. Love is portrayed to be an incredible passion in which nothing can come close to being comparing to it. It’s like there’s one person in the world that can make you feel like a million bucks! Your relationship consists of amazing kisses, no arguments or bickering and having romantic dinners every single night. This stereotype drastically misrepresents love. Love is about feeling comfortable and happy around your partner. It’s normal to have a few arguments and you should not always be looking to impress your partner; it shouldn’t be a difficulty. The second example of love being stereotyped
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