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Tonya Davidson

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SOC 103 Ch 8 – Gender and Sexualities Gender: socially constructed characteristics associated with girls and boys, women and men (masculinity and femininity) Sex: divided into male and female Gender Relations: act as organizing principles in society – they shape and order interactions between women and men *HEGEMONIC MASCULINITY: the concept of what we consider as normal and acceptable. The normative ideal of masculinity that men are supposed to achieve. *EMPHASIZED FEMININITY: The normative ideal of femininity, or what we believe to be normal and acceptable feminine behavior. - Symbolic interactionism argues that gender is created through social interaction, mainly through the mechanism of role-taking Our understanding of gender and gender relations is taught to us implicitly and explicitly by all agents of socialization: 1. Families: The speed of response is most likely connected to our ideas about gender and emotion (moms take longer to respond to baby boys) The idea that boys and men are to be more independent than girls and women 2. Education: Today children in Canada are far more likely to have a female teacher than male teacher. Both male and female teachers tend to interact more with boys than with girls 3. Media: Movies and programming directed at teens and adults; from advertisements for cars to those for the hottest new clothing trends, we are continually bombarded with masculine and feminine imagery. Gender and Work - The enormous growth in women’s labour force participation is a result of and has resulted in inflationary pressures that require higher family incomes, the growth of the service sector and changing gender expectations Glass Ceiling: the notion that women can see the top of the corporate ladder but canno
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