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Ryerson University
SOC 104
Sabrina Malik

WEEK 3 wk 2 TermsTuesday February 01 2011917 AMAccording to C Wright MillsSociological imagination is the ability to go beyond personal issues to connect them to broader social structures It is the ability to link distal relationsinstitutions governments education systems of power to immediate life situationsPhilosophic idealism subjectiveis an analytical framework that asserts that the mind idea or spirit is primary and the basis for the material worldPhilosophical materialism objectiveis an analytical framework that asserts that the material world is primaryMaterialism is the philosophical principle that the world is real and knowable and that ideas come from interacting with the world as opposed to philosophical idealism which says that the world is a product of some idea or ideal Concerned with evidenceDialectics A philosophical approach to the world that emphasizes the constancy of change and the interrelationship of elementsEverything is related nothing exist in isolation1Change is constant is inevitable2Change proceeds from the quantitativeslow heating of water each degree to the qualitative3properties change different substanceChange is the result of the unity and struggle of opposites4The question of change is fundamental to all philosophy All life is motion and all motion is a series of changes When we consider things in their motion change and interconnection we are at once confronted with contradiction Every phenomenon in nature is a contraction a unity of opposites Contradiction is an internal process and the basis of all quantitative development Development or motion comes about through the struggle and unity of oppositesFor example cause and effect make up a unity of opposites Or bourgeoisie working class and proletariat employer together make up bourgeois society The two antithetical elements of a contradiction are both mutually exclusive and mutually dependent Together they make a quality Further both sides of the contraction come into being at the same time in struggle Their unity and struggle is absolute quantitative and ongoingFrom httpwwwscienceofsocietyorgphilosophyphilosgcontrhtmlHumans are mammals who are members of the order primate the primatesAs homosapiens are the only surviving species in the family of HominoidsHumans compared to other species are the most flexible and adaptable of all speciesBipedalism ability to walk on two feetSharingFood and knowledge Way of lifeWe required social interaction for survival SOCIO Page 1
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