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SOC 104
Graeme Metcalf

Understanding society Jan 11. What is Culture? -Shared system of values, beliefs, behaviours, customs, etc. -Negotiate the way around the world, and our world. -Past down, and transmitted generationally (learning, tradition, history, etc.) Ray Williams a) Way of life. b) Intellectual work/ that is able to produce “meaning.” Without being socialized, we are unable to have conversation upon opposing views. Socialization- It is a process where we learn our society’s cultural aspects. Culture: 1) Learned: 2) Symbols- Vocals, Gestures, Signs 3) Shared System- That is a collective, based on a participation of the whole 4) A, B, & C= D= the Legitimate whole sale version of culture. 5 Types of Culture: 1) Folk- Socially identifiable group, experience the world in a traditional way. Couches historically, we consider primitive. Communicating through face to face. 2) High Culture- Valuable. It began in the enlightenment, and western philosophy. As the world becomes more civilized, we are seen with an increase with the particular culture’s value. (EXAMPLE(S) Music, literature, and art…) 3) Mass Culture- Denotes quantity over quality. Employs Technology. Reach as many people as possible. If a mass culture is able to appeal to all of these groups, then critics will argue that the quality of that particular quality of that culture suffers and diminishes. It’s watered down. 4) Popular Culture 5A) Subculture- 5B) Counterculture- Both remain outside the “mainstream” Subculture group is political, and counterculture is social. EXAMPLE(s)- Hippies- 60’s- Political-Counterculture Politics has gone down, and the aesthetic and the social has increased. Key Socio-Political perspectives: Cultures as we’ve seen are organized. They are organized around certain principles; include values, beliefs, behaviours, and traditions. Capitalist Econo
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