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Lecture 5

SOC107: Week 5 (FEB 12) - "City Life"

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SOC 107
Alan Sears

SOC107 – Week 5 th Tuesday, February 12 , 2013 “City Life” Outline 1. Presentation of Self 2. Assessing Symbolic Interactionism 3. City of Strangers 4. Sizing Up 5. Boundaries of the Self 6. Diversity in the City 1. Presentation of Self - Impression management [subsection of presenting oneself, in the way we dress, talk, whether or not we make eye contact, etc.] - Strategies to present ourselves [a part of all of us playing roles is impression management in the form of our conscious decisions in presenting oneself such as during interviews or meetings] [thinking of life as “on stage” and “off stage” -> what in our “off stage” guides us in our “on stage” -> example: rehearsing lines for a stressful situation] These strategies are multi-dimensional since almost all sociological studies discuss the importance of roles and emphasize how difference we are in each of our roles - Role and identity [Since we all have different roles for different situations, we negotiate between these identities; perhaps we play them all equally or we prefer one identity over another -> example: some people prefer to be called by the title “doctor” no matter the scenario (at school, at the bank, in a taxi, etc.)] - Roles and distance [some roles we play distantly and some we take to heart (surgeons joking when they’re in an operation = distancing themselves from the role)] 2. Assessing Symbolic Interactionism - People as active [playing roles consciously is a key element of being active; we are actively sending a message to those around us – the choices we make are formed out of the response people have given us] -
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