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Lecture 6

SOC107: Week 6 (FEB 19th) - "Love and Caregiving"

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SOC 107
Alan Sears

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SOC107-021 – Week 6 “Love and Caregiving” Outline 1. Intimacy in Strange Places 2. Change and Continuity in Relationships 3. Micro-perspectives – Interaction and Intimacy 4. Intimacy, Difference and Power st 5. 21 Century Love: Commercialization and Virtualization --- 1. Intimacy in Strange Places - The classroom and intimacy [different places cause different aspects of ourselves to come forward; appropriateness in different places, ideas of private and public] - Changing boundaries of the speakable [we are aware that what is speakable changes – we are able to talk about things such as sexual relations when our parents could not] - Negotiating speakability [different norms of what is speakable in terms of sexuality amongst people – different boundaries] - Researching sexuality and love [in terms of research, the area of ethnography is where the idea is either sharing experiences with people or in-depth one-on-one interviews where you give answers in your own word, or living among people] [ethnography – an image of a certain ethnic group, stems from anthropology (who study groups from infiltrating the group of study in a way rather than a survey form) = qualitative research] [different definitions such as “sex” or “relationship” cause difficulties in just “yes/no” type questions]] - Generations and the life cycle [partners, grandparents, etc. – these relationships in our life cycles change, and some of these differences can come purely from time span, such as being a part of that relationship for 1 year VS 10 years] 2.
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