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Lecture 4

SOC107: Week 4 (FEB 5th) - “Reading Each Other”

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Ryerson University
SOC 107
Alan Sears

SOC107 – Week 4 “Reading Each Other” th Tuesday, February 5 , 2103 1. Roles in Relation to Others 2. Reading Social Attributes 3. Presentation of Self 4. Assessing Symbolic Interactionism --- 1. Roles in Relation to Others - No role is an island [if we are all playing roles, what are the different roles that people are playing? How are they playing it? You could be overlapping roles – a student, athlete, employee, etc. Each role is in relation to another role. Example – a teacher is a teacher in relation to students; what is a teacher with no student? ] - roles in a context - Ongoing negotiation - how to play roles [Every choice we make is a part of how we are playing our role] - Career in a role *there’s a trajectory that you take in a role depending on feedback you’ve had from others at key moments (you don’t start from scratch, you have a history of “being a student” before entering the room – there’s your whole career as a student leading up to this moment)+ - moral career [Issue on getting caught: law does not matter so much until you get caught, because once you get caught your entire career changes – how does it affect your reputation, wealth, employment future? It is only the people who get caught who have to pay a certain price for it. It is up to contingency/luck.] - Miscommunication [are we always honest? We cannot simply trust what they say or their physical reaction to you such as smiling or eye contact, because it isn’t necessarily authentic+ 2. Reading Social Attributes - What we notice [what words do we use to describe people? Gender? Race? There are attributes that we store for later] - Master attributes [those that we weigh most heavily, and are heavily associated with power structures in society – gender, racialization, social class, and are the first things to be stored in our mind] - Strategies for handling *if we’re
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