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Ryerson University
SOC 112
Carmen Schifellite

Exnomination- the dominant group does the racializing, and they become “above” the racialization process. White people racialize others, while they themselves are not seen as a race. Majority/minority- it is about power, not numbers. Unequal treatment. -related to the concept of a minority group is a “visible” minority, that causes divisions based on being physically different from white. Stereotype- set of ideas that stand in for the person in front of you. The generalized notion is used to judge people instead of actually interacting with a person. -positive stereotypes (“Asians are good at math”) are still not good Prejudice- follows stereotypes: negative feelings towards a particular group of people. When prejudice is organized around ideas of race, it is racism: belief that one race is supreme. Discrimination- acts on prejudice. Taking action to prevent a group of people from access and deny them opportunity. Ethnocentrism- the idea that one’s own culture/group is the best Overt racism- confrontation and obvious actions Polite racism- unspoken acts Clip- investigation about acts of racism -two participants had hidden cameras, went into white and mixed race neighbourhoods -one black and one white man- same social class and education, age and ability -how much difference does skin colour make in everyday America? -shopping: black man is ignored by salesmen, or followed to make sure he is not stealing -black man was given a higher rate when paying for a car, and given higher prices -white man helped by strangers when having a problem in public -black man targeted more by police cars -black man was harassed by strangers, told that he was in the wrong neighbourhood Clip- Blue Eyed -as an exercise, teacher divides her young students into two groups depending on their eye colour -tells them that the blue eyed people are better, smarter, cleaner, than brown eyed people -blue eyed students are given less privileges and access, and told they cannot play with each other -children started internalizing the prejudice -wanted the children to understand the experie
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