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Ryerson University
SOC 112
Carmen Schifellite

Race and Ethnicity continued Perspectives on race and discrimination Functionalism- what are the functions of racial prejudice? -dysfunctions of racial prejudice: -discrimination aggravates social problems- it lends to inequalities -racial barriers are hard to maintain, apartheid required a large police state Conflict theorists say: if you’re silent about racism, you’re part of the problem -exploitation theory: racial discrimination is used to create different subsets of the working class and therefore differential wages. We can see the extremes of this in the colonial period. -tensions happen between the working class because there is racial fragmentation -it is an ongoing process of reconstructing solitary and class consciousness -immigrant groups are paid less Split Labour Market theory: construct the labour market to take advantage of racialized categories , structure it into the work, so you have different people doing different work -internal colonialism, when one group becomes subject to oppressive conditions Feminist perspectives -both gender and racalization affect people and equality -minority women are doubly disadvantaged as a result of their gender Interactionism Contact Hypothesis- more contact between people of different groups reduces prejudice and causes them to abandon stereotypes. Clip- Miss Canadiana -performance artist created a character that challenged assumptions of what it means to be a black woman in Canada. Challenge ideas of what it means to be a Canadian. -she attracted attention in many whiter parts of Canada. She wondered why her race was an issue in what is supposed to be a multicultural country. -she dressed up as “Miss Canadiana” and received positi
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