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The Social World II - complete course notes

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SOC 112
Jean Golden

SOCIAL INEQUALITYSocial inequality means differential access toPowerability to influence others actionsPrivilegeaccess to power and resourcesPrestigehonour and respect in societyShown by income and wealth in capitalist society through sociallycreated status symbolsEconomic powerincomewealthdebt Wages salaries andAll assets real estate cars bank accounts government assistance stocksinvestments RRSPRESP The income inequality gap has been growing for the past 40 years in Canada as the country has shifted from a welfare state to a neoliberalist freemarket economy this results in minimal government controlpresence in the economy A INCOMEAverage wages have risen but the gap between the highest and lowest income jobs are growingreal wages for most have fallenIntergenerational gap in income young workers start off with lower wages make less and make less progress eg promotionsSome individuals are more disadvantaged than others and make less money racialized females disabled and immigrants B WEALTHThe gap in wealth is growing with the top 10 of families holding 58 of the wealth and 24 of families with no wealth Why inequality exists 1 Order TheoriesMeritocracy social hierarchical position is based on personal merit and each individual gets what they deserveInequality is needed to motivate the best to fill the most important positions with their talent and is based on personal abilitiesThese most important positions are decided upon by those in positions of power with an emphasis on educationSuccess and position in society is determined byBiological determinism men are naturally stronger and more intelligent than womenFunctionalism every individual falls into a social position based on their natural abilities and are given equal chances to succeed and compete for the 3 ps power privilege and prestigeThese theories deny the structural basis of inequality in capitalism 2 ChangeConflict TheoriesMarxism classAssume that there is no meritocracy in an unequal societyIdentifies unequal opportunities to successclass gender race disability agePrivilege is passed onclass inherited through family trusts education social connectionsThere is limited intra and intergenerational social mobilityHigher education allows for better mobility but even through schooling children are disadvantaged by race ability class and genderinequality is reproduced throughWhite male focus of course material biased curriculum and teachersStreaming of students into different fieldsFeminismgender Poverty105 of the Canadian population live in poverty including 1 in 9 children with 54 living in twoparent families 42 with at least one fulltime incomeearner and 23 with parents with multiple jobsCanada ranks 2533 in the top developed countries for the percentage of money spent on social programs unemployment early childhood education and childcare servicesVulnerable groups immigrants racialized disabled females especially single parent female families13 are in povertyQualifying criteria for unemployment insurance only 40 of working males and 32 of females and the cost of childcare are issues that contribute to these statistics
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