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SOC 202
Matthew Flisfeder

Globalization and Popular Culture Time Space Compression ( David Harvey) Post- Modernity Due to communication, media, and transportation the world is becoming closer, smaller Globalization Post-Cold War Era the ‘end of history’ (Francis Fukuyama) Relationships between the world’s different cultures is fuelled by complex economic, political, and technological factors Largely profit-driven Has resulted in the ascension of transnational corporations to power Connected to the phenomenon of cultural imperialism Process for further concentrating wealth and power into the hands of those who already have it Also has potential for developing new forms of cultural expression and new kinds of democratic alliances facilitated by new forms of global connectivity Global culture hegemony that spread to consumer culture, spread of Golden arches or coca-cola image, in interest of Americanisation Global Connectivity Connecting people through communications technology Global Digital Divide, class relationships. Who has access to communications technology vs who does not have access to communications technology Post-Industrial Society Post-industrial society is marked by: A growth in communications technology International/Transnational trade liberalization More flexible structures of production and distribution and, The increasing commercialization of communications through entertainment and information technology. Neo-liberalism Dominant contemporary theory of a political and economic practice Proposes that human needs are best met by liberating individual entrepreneurial freedoms Assumes that individual freedoms are guaranteed by freedoms in the market Characterized by an institutional framework that supports private property rights, deregulation of the economy, free trade and the free market Intensification of market forces Greater power has been granted to private interests and has weakened the
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