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SOC 202 Lecture Notes - Fax, Folklore, Polysemy

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SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

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Csoc202 lecture 2
Culture:DEFINITON A- shared system of beliefs, values and behaviour. All this is used to negotiate
throughout the social world. These are passed down through generations(become traditional)social
logical definition
DEFINITION B- cultural studies definition: defined by Ray Williams(centre for contemporal cultural
studies CCS Britain 60s)
a)An experience of a group of people”
b) An intellectual work that produces meaning(something that is important)
What is the difficulty/problem with ray Williams finding? : can be practicing it through mentally in my
ones mind but not actually work.
Polysemy: a cultural text(tv, film, media, newspapers ads) is able to attain multiple meaning example
would be don cherry talking about hockey: talking about what is happening in the game. And on the other
side hes pro Canadian and anti European-propaganda.
Socialization: things within the social world has multiple meanings.
Characteristics of culture:
1. Learned: learned by passed through family/generations
2. Routed/participated as a form of communication: vocal, symbols, physical and signs(gesture) all
arbitrary in terms of meaning attached.
3. Shared
4. 1 + 2+ 3 = sums up culture. One is lost in translation then its not defined as a culture.
Popular culture
1. Folk culture: is an identifiable community or group is traditional, historical primarily relies on
face to face i.e. communication. old fashioned” ex. Amish people. Non employment of
2. High culture: “elite” first emerged during the western philosophy(plato, arisstotale) Historically
recognized as being valuable. Valuable(Classics: art(mono lisa), literature(Shakespeare, jane
eyre), music(opera, classical, jazz))
b) Progress
c)Academic: philosophical thought
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