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SOC 202 Lecture Notes - Press Pool, Alternative Media

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SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

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Csoc202 lecture 3
Draw conclusions through a binary of left or right
Right or wrong
Left = liberal(CAN), Democratic(USA)
Right = conservative (CAN), Republican(USA)
Determined through the binary by: Social, economic and religion
The boundary between the left and the right is becoming blur r y.
Encoding/decoding model: textual analysis. This model was conceived by Stuart Hall
Example: an article in the Globe and Mail encoded a message. The message is decoded by the reader.
The decoding is arr ived by 3 positions: dominance, negotiated(the reader comes to a sense to
autonomy(accept and reject portions of the text etc.), and oppositional. Dominant and oppositional are
from the Left/Right
Characteristics of media
The mediameans that there is only one media.
Medias are contradictory because of the whole political spectrum cannot by represented by one media.
Partisan Perspective: exam something according to your political affiliation.
Media extends to social and aesthetics: social is the issue or story. Aesthetic is the visual
Social + aesthetics = social constructor of reality.
Psychological concerns of media – contradiction, social+aesthetics, psychological
1. Propaganda- set of messages that influence or set the viewers mind. Text-> voice-> influence-
>ideal subject. One of the criticism is that it selectively give fac ts on a particular issue.
2. Censorship: removal or withholding particular facts or truths.
A historical example: Vietnam War(70s)
Socially nicknamed it living room war because everyone found out about it in their living room on tv.
The large scale television culture were dominant culture(ABC, etc). during this war, it was the social
change, alternative media etc.
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