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lecture 3

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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

Csoc202 lecture 3 Media Ideological Draw conclusions through a binary of left or right Right or wrong Left = liberal(CAN), Democratic(USA) Right = conservative (CAN), Republican(USA) Determined through the binary by: Social, economic and religion The boundary between the left and the right is becoming blurry. Encoding/decoding model: textual analysis. This model was conceived by Stuart Hall Example: an article in the Globe and Mail encoded a message. The message is decoded by the reader. The decoding is arrived by 3 positions: dominance, negotiated(the reader comes to a sense to autonomy(accept and reject portions of the text etc.), and oppositional. Dominant and oppositional are from the Left/Right Characteristics of media The media – means that there is only one media. Medias are contradictory because of the whole political spectrum cannot by represented by one media. Partisan Perspective: exam something according to your political affiliation. Media extends to social and aesthetics: social is the issue or story. Aesthetic is
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