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SOC 202 Lecture Notes - Culture Industry, Conflict Theories, Laura Mulvey

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SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

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Week 3- gender
Everything is stable and ordinary (everything makes sense)
Gender roles exists and it serves a common good
Conflict theory-
Nothing is easy
Gender roles are constructive and there learned
maintenance of the nuclear
1. Family
2. Patriarchy
Social institutions
Common sense made through inequality
Male is the breadwinner
Female is the homemaker
Gender and Popular culture
50s- baby boom, return to family and return to safety. Rise of the suburbs it was very normal
60s/70s- Vietnam war, feminism
Caused rebellion dissent and rejection.
80s- women started to work. Men felt uncomfortable because loss in dominance
Popular culture is determined by the culture industry
Freidan, Betty- early feminist
Suggests that women greatest contribution to pop culture is by provi ding sexuality for men to gaze
Its done by unconsciousness according to freuds psychoanalysi (desires)s and popular culture(visual
Laura mulvey- visual pleasure and nar r ative cinema
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