SOC 202 Lecture Notes - Teresa De Lauretis, Queer Theory, Critical Theory

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13 Jul 2011

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Csoc202 lecture 5
Midterm: Stuart hall, difference between active male and passive female, altouzer, interpolation
Introduction to Queer Theory(QT)
Having a lifestyle having the gay lifestyle”
The style of an aliases that…..
The term was once used against a group of people(gays) and they simply reclaimed it to mock the people
who use it.
This term was introduced by Teresa de Lauretis a critical theorist credited with coining the phrase queer
theory. 1991 edited a special issue of the feminist cultural studies jour nal differences entitled Queer theory
Kinship: feminist theory, black studies, queer theory.
Use of term queer theory”
a refusal of heterosexuality as the benchmark for all sexual for mations(idea socially we are
assumed to consider heterosexuality is the norm). the queer theory dislodge this assumption of
heterosexuality. If youre not heterosexuality, your considered different, weird etc.
Attentiveness to gender capable of interrogating the frequent assumption that lesbian and gay
studies is a single homogeneous subject. – QT is not only practiced by gays and lesbians.
Insistence on the multiple ways in which race crucially shapes sexual subjectivities.
Not a “theory” per se
-qts refusal to specify itself has been widely recognized as one if its tactical strengths
-Qt might be thought of less as a thing than and more as a definitional field or network “a zone of
possibilities in which the embodiment of the subject might be experienced otherwise”
reading against the grain” able to maneuver the meaning of a particular text; from a different perspective.
when one reads against the grain, it creates queer winks: it doesnt make a difference if the text is
heterosexuality or not, for example when vince Vaughn slaps adam sandler’s ass to go get that girl. I can
watch everybody love Raymond and read it as queer.
Queer: identifying outside the perimeter of dominant culture.
Queer methodology
Dichotomous thinking infuses numerous research methodologies, limiting what is allowed to exist
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