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Published on 17 Apr 2013
Ryerson University
SOC 202
Week 11
Celebrity Culture
We will have a brief discussion on celebrity culture, then you will have the
opportunity to fill out the course evaluation, then we will watch a documentary.
Celebrity Culture
‘infotainment’ or ‘pseudo news’
The ‘televised circus’ and the ‘circus freak show’ (Hoppenstand, 2007)
Celebrity culture is trivial?
Infotainment = information and entertainment
Pseudo news = news that pretends to be real
Televised circus = the circus is out of control; something that doesn’t require a lot
of thought to enjoy
Circus freak show = freaks have low cultural and social capital; freaks are
different from the rest of us
- certain level of culture capital, ( seems high but can be low as well)
-consuming popular culture is like watching a circus freak show ( no script, makes
it interesting)
[like] "watching the bearded lady brush her magnificent facial har"
[Hoppenstand,2007,pg 408]
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