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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 9 Representation I We will first finish last week’s lecture on Culture, Identity, the Body and Community. Like last week, we might not be able to take a break due to the length of the documentary we need to screen. Representation and Framing Representation  Meaning and language are connected to culture: those making cu  Making claims: are not always accurate or realistic. Anything you see, eat, listen to is making claims about how reality looks like  The ‘what’ of texts: what is on the surface, whats deep, whats being described.  Examples: Chapter 4 of textbook  Chapter 4 (the what of) is presenting to us the historical approaches to crituqe popular culture. How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring In Tunisia, Egypt: whats being represented ? social-political unrest 1 Framing  Focuses on organization of representation. Think about the perspective of a text. Unlike representation, which is about the what  The ‘how’ of texts: how are they organized.  When you’re cropping a pic for FB profile, you make the frame smaller, cut your ex.  Boundaries and limits, think about a pic frame, when you reduce the size of a frame you limit what people see. How you frame yourself. You set the imit on how people view, consume your facebook.  Examples: Chapter 4 of textbook  Is framed as a culture war,  Is it made for citizenship or educational ? OR for profit-making  Either economic or cultural terms. ( Two frames) How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring We could say that the socio-political unrest was framed via the internet, through eyes of the protesters, the youth, average people.  Both representation and framing rely on ideology : keeps coming back. Frames are mental constructs, both must use, deped on 2 ideology, those who make culture use their personal subjectivity, their opinions when they produce pop culture for us to consume.  In the book, they talk about youth, always framed as always in crisis, being criminals, threat to social order, risky, dangerous, a group to be monitored by the panopticon. News Values (Knight, 2004) Another way to ask: how are strie are framed, someone’s values may not be mine. Shaping the ways in which we interpret. How stories fit together There are three ways to represent news: 1) Immediacy All about the here, now. Whats happening now? what could happen in future ? Theres a lot of competition between stations. You can see CNN, CBC, BBC. They all cover the same story, scene. We understand thet immediacy is dangerous. You realize the second day that the details are wrong. When this desire to wanna know whats happening, news makers make a lot of mistakes. There are consequences for wanting things so fast. Example: Chilean Miners Rescue How did you hear about the story? Anybody watch the rescuing? Let’s see the immediacy frame: the day where the miners were going down, one station said there’s two people, another station: everything was by machine. They made a lot of speculation, gussing. 3 2) Personalization: draw us in by personal feelings, relating to us, bringin us to the tory ( like interpellation), how it speaks o us, news seaks to us by tapping into personal charterics, our feelings, our expireiences. think about the icons Jackson, witney died. What questions were asked ? whats your favorite Jackson song ? tapps into our sense of ourselves. Each channel had a story for each worker. They were cast as characters of a story. Family men, fathers, some were cheaters Example 2: Chilean Miners Rescue 3) Extraordinariness : majority of news is conflict, crime, disaster. Usually, these are the neagitve Throught the news we see The world is based on conflict, problmes. Frames of good and bad, with us, against us. There are some dangersous people distrubtive. US versus THEM frame.  Dominant ideology
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