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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 10 Representation 2 Discussion of Take-home assignment #2 – due on Monday April 1 in lecture (no joke) Polysemy (Fiske, 1989)  Polysemic (polysemy) Fiske and audience power  Audience is all powerful  Television messages (any text) creates open and contradictory interpretations  Struggle for power creates polysemy 1 Semiotic Excess Semiotics  Roland Barthes (1973) – Mythology and Ferdinand de Saussure  The study of signs  Part of interpretation process Sign (Code) = signifier + signified  Signifier (what our senses are aware of)  Signified (mental concept or idea)  Culturally specific  Example: Valentine’s card: hearts are actually signifiers   The curve liners are signifiers, straight lines 2  Signified: Love, single’s awareness day  Somebody want you  It’s a made up holiday, probably one of the most commercialized.  Chocolate  The difference between signifier and signified, gotta practice to identify each Denotation and connotation Signs or codes denote things and they also draw our attention to the deeper meaning of a text or image  Denote (surface meaning) The image: card, denotes certain things  Connote (hidden meaning) But the connotation is: this is a valentine card, if my partner cares he’ll send me a card.  Example 1: Apple iPods Denoted: colors Connotation: the music, the brand, variety, personalization, luxury, expensive, cultural capital, economic, social capital  Example 2: IKEA  Denotation: curve lines, straight lines  Connotation: furniture, stylish, Swedish, cheap, simplicity, user manuals, self serve, meatballs, allen keys, having a fight over how things will fit in the car. 3  Example 3: Support Our Troops sticker Denotation: curves, colors, lines, basic
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