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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 11 Comparing the Alternative to the Mainstream, and Globalisation Subcultures  Deviate from social norms  Fringe or underground  Challenge norms of culture  Examples: Countercultures  Challenge and contradict mainstream culture  Political statements  Change is the goal 1  Examples: From Sub. and Counter Culture to Mainstream Culture  subcultures and countercultures sometimes become mainstream, everyday culture  Examples: Culture Jamming  Reversing the common/dominant meaning  Drawing attention to political issues 2 From Fringe to Mainstream The Tipping Point (Gladwell, 2002)  Social/cultural trends are like epidemics Three rules of epidemics 1) The law of the few  Connectors  Mavens  Salesmen (Salespeople) 2) Stickiness factor 3) The power of context 3 Case Study: KONY 2012  Making charity mainstream  Purpose: Defeat the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and capture alleged war criminal Joseph Kony.  How it works  Pros and cons.: The Process of Globalisation Globalisation defined  Breaking down borders 4  Integration and inter-dependence How globalisation operates: Four major parts
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