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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

SOC202 – September 9, 2013 Popular Culture: General Themes What is Popular Culture? Culture:  Capital “C” Culture o Linked to Tradition o Things accessible to Elite groups of people o Can be located and defined by past activities o E.g. Theatre, Shakespeare festival, Opera, Facebook’s beginnings  Way of Life o Everyday things that we do o E.g. Listening to music, Current Facebook, Starbucks, Texting, etc Popular:  Quantity o Number of tickets sold (Market driven)  Of the People o Comes from the people (We define)  Grassroots (Religion, cultures, faith) Three main components of Popular Culture:  Consumption and Production o Created in a context for us to consume  Folk Culture (identifiable) and mass culture (unidentifiable) o Traditional practices passed down to a specific or identifiable audience o Mass produced for an unidentifiable, but large audience  Power o Ability to produce, purchase, and access culture Political Economy and Cultural Studies Ownership and Control  Within the Mass Media o How patterns of media ownership and control influence content and the choice we can link to consume content  Beyond the
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