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Lecture 6

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SOC 202
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LECTURE 6 CHAPTER 5 (138-165) September 24/ 2013 Limitations/ overstatements  Frames popular culture monolithically. Doesn’t account for sub or counter cultures.  Production determines everything  The culture industry thesis understands people/ consumers of culture as manipulated, mindless capital. The overstatement is characterizing all people in the same way. Conditions for a consumer society  We are a consumer society AKA late capitalism where almost every need is matched with a product sold within the market.  Consumerism is not an inevitable consequence of a burgeoning economy.  There has to be efficiently produced and low cost goods; there must be a rise in wages, to allow for people to buy things; and a consumer sensibility.  Necessary but not sufficient needs for a capitalistic economy. Commodities and commodity fetishism  An object or service that is produced specifically for exchange by someone other than the producer.  Use-value is a Marxist concept that refers to the quality of utility of a commodity.  Exchange value is the price or quantity of other commodities that a commodity can be exchanged for.  A commodity’s use value h
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