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Section 1: An Introduction to Sociology, Popular Culture & Cultural Studies

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SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

Section 1 An Introduction to Sociology Popular CultureCultural StudiesMarxismWeber y Ideas and beliefs are socially constructed by dominant classesthe elites vs bourgeoisiesy Sense of false consciousnessunaware y The primary way in which these ideas are articulated is through our thoughts culture is able to produce our thoughts y The interest we fee to be universal or everyday is produced to usy Ideologyideas beliefs that are presumed to be normal natural invisible appears as common sense made invisible by dominant cultureHegemonyAntonio Gramci y works to connect questions of culture politics power ideologies y Gramcis ideology protected 1 Consent suggests being acceptable or given permissionex what girls may consent guys may not and vice versa2 Coercion invisible compels us to false consciousness causing us to think we are concerned with our best interestex state law pol
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