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Section 3: Gender, Sexuality & Constructing Masculinity and Femininity

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SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

Section 3 Gender SexualityConstructing Masculinity and Femininityy 5060smales were in the breadwinnerpatriarchal position while females were given the caregiver position in families y 70swomen started to work womens liberationburning of bras symbolizing getting rid of their constraints y 805reactionarywomen started to move away from the conservative views popular culture offered women two roles 1 you could return to the home or 2 you could be antonymous independent sexually engagedwhich made women viewed as monstersReceptiony Encodingdecoding any type of textmedium is encoded with a particular meaning and t is up to us as the viewersreader to determine that message y The manner in which we perceive things and make meaning Psychoanalysisy Says we perceive meaning from pleasures and desires y We experience pleasuredesire thought the manner of looking we articulate through looking and consuming through your gazey Looks at the relationship between our unconsciousconscious desires y Freud examines the notion of repressed desire however the social tabooconsequence restricts us from doing sothe relationship between cinema psychoanalysis and fantasy y Cinematic Apparatus Watching a movie is private the experience itself is individualisticyou have the screen dark projector seats Sutured int
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